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Lecture    SE6666
Beyond the Box: Integrating Custom Structural Shapes, Analytical Models, and Revit Structure
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Are you working on projects that require non-standard structural elements? Have you struggled with those shapes communicating across your analytical and Revit software models? This class will cover many things, including how to develop custom families that communicate bidirectionally between applications; how to properly map elements across models; how to develop an efficient, fluid, bidirectional workflow to avoid redundancy, increase coordination, and produce high-quality design documents and models; and how to integrate industry-standard third-party analysis tools (such as ETABS software) in a holistic workflow.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the procedure for developing a workflow between Revit Structure software and third-party analysis tools
  • Discover the steps required for creating bidirectionally enabled custom structural content
  • Understand organizational techniques for producing a clear, efficient design model and document set
  • Discover external tools available for efficiency and productivity gains


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