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Better Business Benefit by BIM

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    Mott MacDonald is an industry leader and innovator in the field of BIM. Our award-winning approach to BIM delivery has been realised through investment in our processes, people, and enabling technology. This journey has taught us much about the change management necessary to facilitate BIM, an experience from which others now benefit. Through our BIM Consultancy service we have developed a repeatable, strategic approach to implementation that can be customised for our clients to enable integration within their own organisations. Our approach is unique in that we ‘layer’ BIM into existing business processes to achieve overarching corporate objectives through better information management. Learn about how our services are forward-thinking and progressive, and explore case studies of commissions from around the world. See first hand the common issues that apply across sectors, and how they are targeted through practical applications that are most appropriate for the end-user.

    Key Learnings

    • Align and enable the delivery of corporate business plan goals through BIM and digital data
    • Explore asset owners' common challenges and develop the means of overcoming them
    • Develop a roadmap for implementation, built upon practical interventions
    • Identify targeted benefits and the means of achieving them