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The Benefits of Automating Preconstruction

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    During this session, Satyam Verma of Pype will broadly cover the benefits of AI-based automation during preconstruction. Specifically, he will focus on how automating one process - scanning and parsing your spec book - can help teams bid more accurately, get to work sooner, and save time exponentially throughout the project lifecycle. One of the largest hurdles during bidding is quickly and accurately breaking down the available specs for estimating. The more in-depth a team can examine these specs, the better bid they will create. In lieu of manual searching, AI solutions can examine specs for specific requirements, including long-lead and sole-source items, and present that information to the estimating team. This approach uses the specs to create a clear scope of work, letting general contractors identify potential subcontractors even before they bid on the project.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how AI automates mental tasks the same way machines and power tools automate physical tasks
    • Learn about how using AI to scan your spec book saves you time in bidding and preconstruction
    • Learn about how saved time in bidding and preconstruction can be used to create a more accurate bid and help win more work
    • Understand how saving time in bidding and preconstruction can save you much more time during the build and closeout phases