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Become enlightened regarding light simulation with Autodesk VRED

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    Realistic light simulation is increasingly becoming more important to the design process, whether it is to support the design of a car's head and tail lamp clusters, or assessing how lights can is distributed around the interior of a railway carriage to support brand identity or how a room in a building is lit. This class with shed light (!) onto these topics describing how the various features of Autodesk VRED can be used to achieve different lighting effects. Attendees will learn amongst other topics how to differentiate between the various ray trace modes, how to use light simulation data and how the realistic modelling of materials is important to the overall scene visualisation

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the fundamental features of VRED which support light-simulation
    • Differentiate between various ray trace modes (photon mapping vs path tracing, RGB vs. Spectral rendering)
    • Learn how to use VRED Professional software
    • Understand how to work with realistic material properties. e.g: multicolor component material like a rearlight cover glass