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BIMbeats: Real-Time Data Analysis for Revit, Dynamo, BIM 360, AutoCAD, and More

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    Many organizations are undergoing digital transformation to prepare for a data-driven future. A measurement of the success of your strategy can be captured through a data analysis of how your organization uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools. Using BIMbeats, you can achieve real-time data capture. BIMbeats uses the Elastic stack to transform data into insights, and ingests and stores data from multiple formats to provide real-time dashboards in multiple formats, including Microsoft Power Bi, Tableau, and Kibana. By capturing user activity and processing log/journal files in a digestible format, BIMbeats can identify the super users who can automate mundane tasks and those who may need a little help breaking old habits. It can also check whether your projects are meeting model- and information-based deliverables and support ISO19650 auditing. Triggers can also be set to take immediate action when company standards or best practices are not being followed.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to proactively develop learning and development plans through your own company's data insights
    • Discover whether your company and project-based modeling standards are being followed
    • Learn how to measure the time your teams take to complete tasks in order to better resource and cost future projects
    • Check how your company’s digital transformation strategy is tracking through real-time dashboards