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BIM-Driven Engineering: Structural Design Without Redundant Workload

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    Structural engineers are quite familiar with the disconnect between design and documentation tools. Construction documents have our engineering analysis in their DNA. Despite this connection, we create these documents using tools that don't share information. The impact of this disconnect ranges from mild inconvenience to profit-crushing time sinks. What if our tools could "talk" to one another? Imagine structural modeling, interdisciplinary coordination, engineering analysis, design, and final documentation creation on a unified platform. Given today's powerful BIM (Building Information Modeling) environments, this workflow isn't a dream. This class will examine real-world collaborative tools for a BIM-driven structural-engineering design process inside the Revit environment. What should structural design look like without the burden of parallel workflows? Case study: Revit-driven design of steel structures with real-time model updating using ENERCALC Structural Engineering Library design calculations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about assessing the hidden cost of manually bridging the gap between design platforms and documentation in the structural intelligent model
    • Discover ways that firms can work more efficiently and more profitably using a BIM-centric process for structural calculation
    • Learn how to integrate analysis-friendly modeling best practices into daily BIM work to create a structural model fit for use in design
    • Learn how to implement new design approaches with software tools that make BIM-driven structural engineering intuitive and efficient