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BIM Beyond Autodesk® Navisworks®: Linking Your Navisworks Model to an External Database

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    Anybody who is serious about Building Information Modeling (BIM) knows there is more to BIM than the data stored in the model. The more involved the BIM implementation becomes, the more important it becomes to store information in an external database. Autodesk Navisworks software is primarily a collaboration tool and as such presents unique challenges and unique opportunities over authoring tools. Taking full advantage of a database can automate coordination tasks, improve communication, tighten collaboration, enhance 4D and 5D simulations and create a much more enhanced overall BIM experience. Passing data between applications is easy, but finding the proper strategy for implementation is critical for success. This class will outline several opportunities for connecting Navisworks to a database as well as identify the key elements of a successful implementation strategy.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement key data design principles for efficient modeling and collaboration
    • Successfully connect Navisworks to an external database
    • Create a strategy to sync data between Navisworks and an external database
    • Take advantage of an external database to improve collaboration