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BIM Automation: Generatively Designing Resilient Infrastructure with Revit

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    In this session, we'll explore how building information modeling (BIM) automation techniques have been used to create 15,000+ generative designs for critical water and power infrastructure projects using Revit software. You will learn which tools are available for design automation efforts, including generative algorithms and artificial intelligence, and how these techniques plus Revit are helping owners and engineers automatically assess the most climate-resilient infrastructure options in the preliminary design phase of projects. We'll showcase specific examples of how Revit is being used to serve underrepresented communities in Brazil that are most impacted by climate change—focusing on the automatic generation of embedded carbon calculation documentation, CAPEX/OPEX tables, 3D models, and more, for wastewater treatment plants and electrical substations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement best practices for automation in BIM workflows, including generative algorithms and artificial intelligence.
    • Learn the frameworks to properly apply generative design techniques to infrastructure projects using Revit.
    • Discover the benefits of using BIM automation for designing resilient infrastructure.
    • Learn how to create compelling business cases for Revit automation tools, especially to design infrastructure for climate constraints.