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Automating material procurement using the Autodesk Fabrication API and CINX

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    This class will demonstrate how the Autodesk Fabrication API was used to create an Addin application that will automate the interaction between the CAD/Detailing, Shop Foremen, and Purchasing departments inside a MEP contractor. The CINX Addin presents a Job’s materials using a Spool or Work Order view and provides an electronic material requisition submission capability. Once a requisition has been submitted, the purchasing department can use CINX to deliver integrated transactions to their wholesale distributors. Shop Foremen are then able to monitor the status of the ordered materials and be alerted to when products are back-ordered. GTP Solutions & Ferguson Enterprise will aid in explaining how the CINX workflow can bring multiple efficiencies to the jobsite.

    Key Learnings

    • Open a Job inside the CINX Addin for Autodesk Fabrication
    • Assign spools to a work order
    • Define procurement conditions and handling instructions for spool items
    • Create and submit a material requisition