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Autodesk 360 with AutoCAD 360 Web/Mobile: How Powerful Are These Tools?
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Ever since Autodesk® web services and mobile applications were first introduced—AutoCAD® 360 (formerly AutoCAD® WS) and Autodesk® 360 cloud-based services—Andrzej Jaskulski has run his yearly Autodesk Authorized Author Spring Laboratory which has explored the advantages and disadvantages of this solution. Each year, after tests were complete, he has written a new book for a well-known training series in Poland called AutoCAD-Design Course. In this hands-on-lab, he shares his knowledge and experience on the power of these tools, identifies their strong and weak points, and explains how to avoid problems in individual and concurrent design workflows. Attendees have the opportunity to practice with desktop, mobile, and cloud configurations. They should also be able to assess how effective this solution can be in their business or design office. To benefit from this class, attendees should have a basic knowledge of AutoCAD®.

Key Learnings

  • Configure AutoCAD on your desktop and the AutoCAD 360 web service and software for mobile devices to work with Autodesk 360 cloud services
  • Carry out an individual and concurrent design process using AutoCAD® 360 via a browser and AutoCAD® 360 on a mobile device
  • Carry out and control a product data management (PDM) process with design data stored both locally and on the cloud
  • Assess the effectiveness and limitations and select the appropriate workflow in your enterprise or design office


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