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AutoLISP: The 21 Frequently Overlooked and Forgotten Functions

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    AutoLISP programming language has been around for decades, yet there are many functions that often go undiscovered or forgotten by veteran AutoLISP programmers. While there are hundreds of AutoLISP programming language functions (thousands, if you count ActiveX), this class will focus on 21 functions that new developers often overlook and that veteran programmers often forget. All of the functions fit into 1 of several different themes, including function execution, object creation and manipulation, and error handling. We will also discuss loading LISP files, accessing variable values, and configuring contextual help.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the AutoLISP programming language functions that might make development easier
    • Discover the benefits to these functions
    • Discover how to implement the user of the function
    • Examine code samples for each function