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AutoCAD on web and mobile, really? Yes, much more than one would expect!
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Customers around the world are using the AutoCAD web app and mobile app to create DWG™ technology, measure objects, annotate and markup in the field, and gain general access to essential drawings, wherever the job takes them. Grab this opportunity and register to discover how you and your team can leverage AutoCAD even further in today's dynamic, always-on-the-go world. In this class, we'll discuss how customers use AutoCAD anytime, anywhere. You'll learn how to save time and money, reduce errors and conflicts, increase collaboration and delight your customers. Moreover, you'll discover how to convince yourself and others inside and outside your organization that the move to the cloud and the use of web and mobile is not the future, it is the present and if you're not there today - you miss on a competitive advantage. Additionally, we'll highlight what's new in AutoCAD web and mobile, and look at the exciting plans for next year.

Key Learnings

  • Recognize how AutoCAD mobile can be used to benefit the wider project team
  • Discover how mobile and cloud-based workflows can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the daily routines
  • Compare the on-site work that is done today to how it could look like tomorrow using AutoCAD on mobile
  • Learn about ways to overcome organizational, technological, and cultural hurdles to be able to use AutoCAD mobile



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