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AutoCAD Tips and Tricks to Improve Efficiency

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    Do you find yourself behind on design projects? Do you want to better familiarize yourself with AutoCAD software to improve your efficiency? In this class, we’ll discuss how to manipulate settings and options to improve speed. We’ll discuss how to set up drawings using Xrefs and utilizing paper space and model space. We’ll also look at how layer commands and object display settings can reduce clutter in your drawings to make it easier to manipulate drawing components. This class will help you become more familiar with some of the options in AutoCAD, and help you take that next step in your career using the many tools AutoCAD has to offer.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to manipulate settings in the options menu and keyboard shortcuts
    • Learn how to modify dimension style settings
    • Learn how to use various layering commands to display objects differently
    • Learn how to organize drawings using Xrefs and model space and paper space