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AutoCAD Plant 3D Success—A Checklist Manifesto

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    Checklists save lives. Surgeons and airline pilots use checklists to make sure they don’t miss important steps in surgery or during flight. Checklists may save the life of an AutoCAD Plant 3D software project as well. This class will cover key steps for getting an AutoCAD Plant 3D software project underway successfully. We’ll also look at how to set up the project directories and drawings for best practices’ use of external references and for utilizing a plant coordinate system. This in turn enables us to overcome the large coordinates issue and actually work with a state plane coordinate system (SPCS)—and far from 0,0 origin! We’ll also demonstrate checklist steps for incorporating models from other Autodesk, Inc., products such as Revit software and Advance Steel software; for successfully generating isometrics and orthographics; and for using an advanced feature in isometrics that creates these isos in the SPCS. You’ll be provided with all of these checklists as a way to retain this information and to expand on them for your AutoCAD Plant 3D software projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize and expand on a comprehensive checklist for successfully getting an AutoCAD Plant 3D project underway
    • Learn how to organize the project directory and drawings for best practice use of Xrefs and working with a state plane coordinate system
    • Learn how to integrate various models into an AutoCAD Plant 3D project, including Revit and Advance Steel models
    • Learn how to generate isometrics at large coordinates and orthos that don’t break, and also how to use checklists to retain and build on these workflows