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AutoCAD Plant 3D Collaboration with Vault—Getting Started and Best Practices

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    AutoCAD Plant 3D software and Vault data management software have been able to work together for some time now, but there have been a lot of improvements since the early days. Have you wanted to increase the level of security of your AutoCAD Plant 3D projects, add versioning and check-out; and in workflow, make it easier for other offices to work on your AutoCAD Plant 3D project with you seamlessly? If you have thought about this but thought Vault was too difficult or too hard to send AutoCAD Plant 3D projects to, then this class can show you how easy it can be. We'll look at how incorporating Vault into your AutoCAD Plant 3D project workflow can secure the data, make collaboration seamless, and make design work faster.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn why you should use AutoCAD Plant 3D with Vault
    • Learn about changes when working in an AutoCAD Plant 3D-Vault environment
    • Learn how to configure AutoCAD Plant 3D and Vault together, and administer an AutoCAD Plant 3D project in Vault
    • Discover which AutoCAD Plant 3D workflows change when working on a Vault project