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Roundtable    MFG321678-R
AutoCAD Electrical: What’s Working and What’s Not Roundtable Discussion
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Have you been trying to implement AutoCAD Electrical software at your company, but some things just are not working? Most likely, some things are working, but you’re getting frustrated with the subjects that aren’t working. This group discussion will dive into the most-common subjects that derail AutoCAD Electrical implementation. Having the opportunity to discuss AutoCAD Electrical with other companies will let you share what’s worked for you, and you’ll see what’s worked for them. Additionally, there will be an AutoCAD Electrical expert there to help solve the items that no one in the group has been able to resolve.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how to create and manage projects
  • Learn how to convert standard AutoCAD data to AutoCAD Electrical
  • Identify how to create symbols and database content quickly
  • Discover how to share content with group members


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