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AutoCAD Civil 3D and Subassembly Composer-Real-World-Practice Tips and Tricks
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This class will provide an in-depth look into using Autodesk's Subassembly Composer. Learn how to create, use, share, and update subassemblies in your organization and learn some tips on how to manage them. This class will highlight the importance of customizing a code set style to suit the client's requirements. This class will also show the power of Subassembly Composer to make one subassembly that can be used to create multilink solid transitions. This subassembly can transition almost any type of polygon.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the importance of customizing a code set style
  • Learn how to create a smarter custom subassembly, and learn how to create multilink solid transitions
  • Learn how to extract solid from a corridor that can transition link to zero
  • Gain valuable AutoCAD Civil 3D tips and tricks



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