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Auto-Generating and Optimizing Modular Air Duct Layouts in Revit

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    What happens when some enthusiastic Software Developers team up with a few cutting-edge Mechanical Designers? Henderson Engineers, an MEP design firm, has been working on developing a modular DFMA Air Duct system for a while now, and had developed some clever Revit families and Dynamo scripts to help their designers model them. They joined forces with EvolveLAB, a BIM consulting and software development company, to create a Revit Add-In that focuses on the real-time generative design of these modular duct layouts. In this session, we’ll review how these companies utilized some unique properties of the Revit API to create a co-authoring system which allows a mechanical design to sketch out a main duct layout in Revit, while the computer simultaneous (and continually) produces the most optimal layout using the DFMA kit of parts for that sketch, which is then finalized and converted into a fully-connected Revit Duct System.

    Key Learnings

    • Experience how Generative Design can be used for Mechanical Layouts within Revit
    • Understand the real-time potentials of the Revit API, via Direct Context 3D
    • Learn the benefits of co-authoring in computational design
    • See how DFMA workflows can streamline the design and fabrication process