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Architecture and Beyond: Enscape Best Practices from Around the World

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    Enscape allows anyone to quickly and easily explore and present their design in a beautiful and natural looking real-time VR environment. No time wasting and error prone exporting or post production required! Enscape simply updates as the design changes, allowing you to focus on what matters. <br /><br />But the advantages of real-time and VR go well beyond Architecture. This enlightening session will present the best of the best techniques for using Enscape from around the world and across multiple industries: Building and Infrastructure, Industrial Design, Media / Entertainment and more.<br /><br />By the end of this inspiring presentation you'll be able to go back to your office and immediately implement these best practices into your workflow that save time, money, win more work and keep you ahead of the competition!

    Key Learnings

    • Understanding Enscape best practices for lighting and materials
    • Learning how Enscape VR dramatically improves design decisions
    • Thinking outside the box and across industries
    • Invigorating communication with design partners and clients