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Architectural Visualization Meets Concept Design for Advanced 3ds Max and V-Ray Users

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    This class will be aimed at advanced architectural visualizers who want to go beyond the photoreal into more stylistic artistic methods of visualization. We will take attendees through the entire creation process of a uniquely made image that combines digital painting techniques and collage; 3ds Max software features like camera mapping, projection, and perspective match; and environment fog and rendering setup in Chaos Group's V-Ray rendering engine. The techniques and methodologies shown in this class will have a multitude of alternative applications across architectural visualization and concept design. We will divide the talk into 3 subchapters, which include research/collage (10 minutes)—collecting images, assembling collage, and painting; scene setup (45 minutes)—using 3ds Max software to re-create our photo in 3D using perspective match and projections, relight, model details, and render; and post production (15 minutes)—using Adobe Photoshop to color correct, utilize V-Ray passes, and paint further details.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain access to new ways of creating architectural images
    • Learn how to utilize the perspective match and camera projection toolset
    • Learn how to relight photographs or collages in an illustrative way
    • Learn how to create dynamic images using advanced lighting and post techniques