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Applying Generative AEC Dynamics to a Parking Garage

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    We see an increasing demand for parking structures in the Danish market. With a tight business case you need to differentiate yourself to beat your competitors. <br /><br />At MT Højgaard, we have developed a dynamic parking structure concept to address the market regardless of design, surroundings, and building site. To make the concept even more competitive we created a design configurator to be used in the early conceptual design and all the way to construction documents and estimation. We will exemplify the use of the configurator based on a client's case.<br /><br />This presentation/live demo will cover how MT Højgaard has automated and optimized the process of designing a parking garage, going from early concept ideas to final estimation and simulation. We will take you through the workflow and show the possibilities in software that include FormIT pro, Dynamo Studio, Project Fractal, Revit, Dynamo for Revit and iTWO.

    Key Learnings

    • Create a rule-based parametric structure with Dynamo
    • Explore how you can use data to generate rule-based models from concept to BIM
    • Learn how to utilize Generative Design for better decision making
    • Gain insight to object-based estimation with QTO’s.