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All the Rumors Are True: How AR Transforms Construction Delivering 9x ROI

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    When it comes to construction, accuracy is key. A recent study revealed that up to 80% of all construction work is built out of tolerance. This means that errors are only identified after the work has been completed and the costs incurred. To avoid these costly mistakes, it’s important to adopt technology that supports speed and efficiency while also ensuring accuracy. In this class, Coral Butler from PM Group will explore how XYZ Reality's engineering-grade augmented reality (AR) platform saved £2.5 million on a large, hyperscale, data-center project. As building it right, first time becomes a major objective, discover how the world’s first augmented-reality-for-quality (ARQ) workflow was plugged into BIM 360 software to allow for real-time verification, making engineering-grade AR an invaluable tool.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover current augmented reality for quality (ARQ) workflow processes and learn how to implement better practices.
    • Learn about overcoming the challenges of eliminating costly rework on complex mission-critical projects.
    • Learn about key strategies to reduce rework using advanced technology.
    • Discover the benefits of utilizing Autodesk with augmented reality to support the digitization of projects.