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Advanced visualization to improve communication for transportation design
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Max Bögl, a German construction and infrastructure company designed a fully automated urban mobility solution: Transport System Bögl (TSB). It is based on magnetic levitation technology and designed to provide a future-proof public transport for densely populated cities.
Max Bögl approached Autodesk Consulting to help finding a quick design solution for their urban mobility systems and build 3D visualization models to communicate the proposed tracks more easily and convincingly.
One of the key aspects of the whole design is the light-weight construction of elevated tracks, InfraWorks Bridge Design capabilities with its parametric modelling approach was the perfect answer. This class will highlight the main steps of the solution, the creation of the track and 3D visualization models using Inventor and InfraWorks, including animated parts, generated in 3ds Max to better demonstrate the TSB in action.

Key Learnings

  • 1. Create an elevated transportation track using Civil 3D and InfraWorks.
  • 2. Animate parts of the visualization model using 3ds Max for better communication.
  • 3. Identify the main topics to consider for creating a convincing visualization.
  • 4. Export and use data for a high-end visualization through 3ds Max, use 3D model for VR/AR solutions.



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