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Advanced Grading for Aviation: Using AutoCAD Civil 3D and the Subassembly Composer

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    Grading on an aviation site is tricky; there are often competing needs and regulations that dictate multiple requirements in the same space. What's more is the inherent need for safety and measurability. Add to this the reality that most aviation facilities are landlocked and the grading required is not going to be solved by out-of-the-box solutions. This course will give examples of using the Subassembly Composer software to create custom grading subassemblies for use in AutoCAD Civil 3D software and the advanced grading that you can complete once in AutoCAD Civil 3D software. This workflow creates huge advantage to the end user, and speeds design changes and competing requirements on projects that are experiencing a rapid drop in investment (fee).

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the Subassembly Composer workflow and workspace
    • Learn how to create a Subassembly in Subassembly Composer for use on grading a runway
    • Learn how to modify grading using AutoCAD Civil 3D grading tools and Feature Lines to create a complete grading solution
    • Discover 3 examples of using additional Subassemblies for aviation facility grading