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Advanced BIM 360 Field Use Cases—How We Used BIM 360 Field to Become Lean
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This class is designed to show users of all skill levels some advanced and customized uses for BIM 360 Field software and how this is directly tied to our industry’s lean initiatives. By empowering our users, many new, creative, and unique uses for BIM 360 Field software have been developed across the country and are being implemented to various degrees throughout our projects. BIM 360 Field software is a flexible tool that excels in its quality management and issue tracking, but by thinking outside the box, we’ve streamlined some processes and made them more efficient. Several processes we’ve improved since our initial rollout scope have provided huge benefits to our teams and clients, both in time and monetary savings.

Key Learnings

  • Discover ways to create a lean culture and how we are empowering our teams to look at our software tools in new ways
  • Discover various examples of creative out-of-the-box thinking that have helped our job teams excel and become more efficient
  • Discover how enabling teams to pursue unique software uses has benefits in owner relationships and project management
  • Discover ways to create your own lean culture and gain initiatives you can start immediately



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