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Advanced AutoLISP Strategies for CAD Management

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    You can use AutoLISP programming language to very effectively manage AutoCAD-software-based products, although the way to do so isn't always obvious. The trick lies in using AutoLISP to control the command vocabulary while eliminating the need for cumbersome profile-based control of plotting, palettes, and device configuration pathing. We'll discuss how to create, delete, and redefine commands; load external executables; load CUIx and workspaces; control system and registry variables; and make your custom functions better behaved by using ERROR functions and declaring a global variable list for network-wide control. Along the way, we'll explore useful VL/VLR functions and code security. We'll present a sample network environment for context, and provide sample files for download after the class. If you've ever wanted to know more about how AutoLISP can help you manage your AutoCAD software tools, you don't want to miss this class.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to control AutoCAD command vocabularies
    • Learn how to craft smarter, more error-tolerant AutoLISP functions
    • Learn how to control profile registry variable at startup
    • Learn how to compile, secure, and standardize the AutoCAD environment