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Achieving Environmental and Safety Excellence at Operating Plants by Using AutoCAD® P&ID

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    In this class, we will present multiple case studies on how petroleum refineries have implemented AutoCAD P&ID software as part of environmental compliance projects to achieve a reduction in actual and reported VOC and HAP emissions. We will cover a stepwise workflow process for owner-operators and engineering, procurement, and construction firms to follow, engaging various plant disciplines, including CAD, engineering, and environmental and safety, that are favorably affected by this workflow. Specifically, the case study will share a process for using data-driven drawings to achieve improved compliance with environmental and safety regulations. We will also supply you with the questions to ask at your plant, as well as the tools to begin driving your operating plants towards environmental and safety excellence (and reduced emissions).

    Key Learnings

    • Use specific tools that are available in combination with AutoCAD P&ID to implement owner-operator compliance processes
    • Develop questions to ask to drive operating plants towards environmental and safety excellence (and reduced emissions)
    • Explain the inefficiencies in working with classic (unintelligent) P&IDs
    • Review stepwise workflow of how engineering and CAD are integrated to improve compliance with USEPA and OSHA regulations