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3ds Max 2016: Template-Based Workflows

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    3ds Max software offers many different toolsets and workflows that facilitate fast turnaround and short deadlines. In this session, we will explore several different feature sets that users of all skill levels and industry types can use. Specifics will include the easy bringing in of 3D data from other applications and the simple application of material shaders for photoreal and non-photorealistic (NPR) renderings and template-based lighting setups. Additional topics will include the use of the new Max Creation Graph editor for parametric/procedural modeling and animation, as well as several different options for rapid output, including Autodesk 360 cloud rendering. This session is aimed at all user levels and industries with an emphasis on fast turnaround.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover tools for rapid turnaround
    • Learn how to focus on workflows for deadline-driven work
    • Discover resources to speed up your learning curve
    • Learn how to target the tools for quick and easy turnover that 3ds Max software provides for your specific industry