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2022 Tony Stark's Buyer's Guide: Best xR Gear, Tools, Compatible Software

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    <p>Want to be the next Tony stark? Then this session is for you to explore the never before xR buyer's guide with a quick overview of VR/AR industry workflows, ensuring optimum immersive as well as augmented experiences. As the VR/AR industry advances towards innovative solutions with tethered and untethered VR gear, a wide array of tools, apps and software, the consumer and end-user need to make informed decisions to buy and use the right gear or apps or software for their custom design needs. This class will offer a deep dive into the best VR gear (headsets - wired and wireless, cyber-shoes, haptic gloves, etc), discuss top-notch VR/AR tools, and most importantly discover compatibility with our Autodesk software. If you&rsquo;re looking for information on the best combinations of all of the VR essentials to suit your budget, then this session is your 'one-stop shop' with recommendations serving as an expert buyers guide, offering bonus reviews and pros and cons.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Understand technological advancements and need to create immersive experiences to enhance projects with a competitive edge
    • Explore simple options - from free VR apps, entry level headsets, to expensive options to suit budget and design requirements
    • Have a quick overview of compatible Autodesk software and VR/AR industry workflows ensuring optimum VR/AR experiences
    • Be the next Tony Stark - Develop your own unique xR buyers guide, make informed decisions to implement custom VR/AR workflows