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2022 Tony Stark's Buyer's Guide: Best XR Gear, Tools, and Compatible Software

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    Want to be the next Tony Stark? Then this session is for you! Come explore this extended reality (XR) buyer's guide with a quick overview of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) industry workflows, ensuring optimum immersive as well as augmented experiences. As the VR/AR industry advances toward innovative solutions with tethered and untethered VR gear and a wide array of tools, apps, and software, consumers and end users need to make informed decisions about buying and using the right gear, apps, or software for their custom design needs. This class will offer a deep dive into the best VR gear (headsets—wired and wireless, cybershoes, haptic gloves, and so on). We’ll also discuss top-notch VR/AR tools and, most importantly, discover compatibility with our Autodesk software. If you’re looking for information on the best combinations of all of the VR essentials to suit your budget, then this session is your one-stop shop—with recommendations, bonus reviews, and pros and cons serving as an expert buyer’s guide.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about technological advancements and the need to create immersive experiences to enhance projects with a competitive edge.
    • Explore simple options—from free VR apps and entry-level headsets to expensive options to suit budget and design requirements.
    • Have a quick overview of compatible Autodesk software and VR/AR industry workflows ensuring optimum VR/AR experiences.
    • Be the next Tony Stark: Develop your own unique XR buyer’s guide, and make informed decisions when implementing custom VR/AR workflows.