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January 31, 2019

Trends in Manufacturing—Automation for Small and Medium Factories

Once upon a time, bigger was better when it came to automation in manufacturing. Systems were expensive and took months to install and program. Tasks were specific. Robots lived in cages to ensure human safety.

That time is over and the robots have been freed from their cages. The future of manufacturing is nimble. A new generation of automation is playing an important role in the transformation, enabling companies to think big without necessarily being big.

ZDNet recently featured a piece on the topic of automation for small and medium-sized businesses.

"A radical transformation in industrial automation has occurred over the past decade, and it's as much a technological shift as a consequence of the changing economy, one increasingly reliant on small runs, fast shipping, and nimble operations. A new generation of robots reflects these changes. They are quickly deployable, task-agnostic, smaller than their clunky forebears, and can work alongside humans.”

The takeaways 

Cheap(er) shot—In the past, systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (not counting installation and programming time). Today, the most popular collaborative robot on the market, the UR5, costs about $35,000, putting it within reach for smaller companies.

Show, don’t tell—Older systems required teams of robotics experts and weeks or months to program. New systems can be taught simply by demonstration, with no knowledge of programming languages required.

Plays well with others—Force sensors, machine vision, and other innovations are making the new class of robots aware of their environment, so they can work safely beside people.

Go with the flow—The same robot can be used to fabricate, move objects, test, pick, and pack. Flexibility is the name of the game.

Fresh fields—Once used primarily for fabrication, robots are being deployed in agriculture, construction, and laboratories.

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