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So, You Want a Robot? Design Robotics for 50K or Less.

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    Industrial robots are suitable for an extremely wide range of fabrication and construction processes. Commonly used in automotive production and other high-volume production, robots are now implemented in the production of architectural components, low-volume production, and academia. The potential of the Industrial Robotic manipulator makes for an appealing tool for shops, design firms, and fabricators who want numerical control capability but do not have the means to invest in many specialized computer numerical control (CNC) tools. As the cost of hardware drops, designers have more access to these tools; but perceived hurdles limit the diffusion of manipulators in many settings. This course provides a pragmatic intro to the Industrial Robot as a tool that supports many numerically controlled activities. The course will provide details of the procurement, requisite tooling, safety, installation, and calibration. We will also conduct a hands-on demonstration of the commissioning and basic operation of an industrial robot arm. This session features PowerMill. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to procure an industrial robot and requisite tooling
    • Learn about the basic operation of an industrial robotic manipulator (robot)
    • Learn how to set up, calibrate, and safely operate a small industrial robot
    • Learn about the potential for a small industrial robotic arm to replace the need for multiple specialized CNC tools