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Introduction to PowerMill Robot in Subtractive Manufacturing

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    We typically see robotic arms being used in welding or pick-and-place applications on production lines. This class will cover some lesser-known uses that are becoming more relevant in manufacturing, with a focus on subtractive machining. Though not as commonly used as traditional computer numerical control (CNC) machines, they offer versatility by enabling attachment of various end effectors, such as CNC tool spindles, additive extruders, and even grinders or polishers. They can therefore be used as subtractive, additive, and postprocessing machines. The PowerMill Robot plug-in takes advantage of PowerMill software’s innovative 3- and 5-axis toolpaths and the toolpath editing features to apply them to a wide range of supported robots. We will primarily cover subtractive manufacturing in both industrial and artistic settings. Attendees will learn the workflow, from setting up a robot cell, calculating toolpaths, and optimizing robot motion for efficiency and safety.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about setting up a robot cell and positioning a part in the cell
    • Learn how to create basic 3- and 5-axis toolpaths in PowerMill
    • Learn how to apply the toolpaths to the robot and check for collisions
    • Learn how to optimize robot joint movements and external axes for safety and efficiency