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Understanding 5-Axis Machining Concepts

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    As more multiaxis machine tools are adopted into production, there is sometimes a disconnect between what is happening in the CAM software and the G-code results and how that affects machine behavior. This session is designed to provide clarity in understanding various programming concepts that not only make programming more simplified, but, more importantly, demystify the resultant code produced from CAM software—whether the application is a 4- or 5-axis milling machine, a multifunction lathe with live tooling, or even Swiss-style machines. These concepts can be applied to any CNC-controlled application. Having a better understanding of these concepts not only will help avoid potentially damaging collisions of the machine tool, it will also help select a machine tool and control combination when purchasing new equipment.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand 3+2 programming concepts
    • Understand the differences between traditional work offset versus dynamic versus incline plane
    • Understand 5-axis programming methods of RTCP versus Inverse Time and how to improve surface finishes
    • Gain confidence in 5-axis programming, and discover how certain codes can improve processes and help you select a machine tool