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TMG-How Major Real Estate Developers and Owners Manage to Control the Cloud

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    AIA CES  Digital transformation for Owners: At Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG) we understood that by implementing BIM & Cloud technology,we'd be able to reduce the gap between the physical & digital project,collecting information that would help us in design,construction & facility management at a later stage. Throughout only the past year,TMG has received more than 3,000 intelligent models & thousands of related documents all in different design & construction stages-from external & internal partners spread across the globe.We've centralized all project information using cloud collaboration & data analysis tools.We've also been able to manage workflows & issues among different consultants & contractors all over the world in a smart and easy way.TMG is now one of the largest firms in the Middle East, leading the digital transformation in the AEC industry across the region with 20+ mega projects executed using the BIM system, and 50 projects managed through Autodesk Construction Cloud.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn that Digital Solutions for Owners is not a luxury approach anymore, it's vital for the industry.
    • Learn how TMG managed to digitally transform & how we were able to overcame our difficulties.
    • Learn about the future of data analysis & how to handle thousands of information daily.
    • Learn about assets management importance & how it could affect your future decisions (NOOR City).