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AECO: How Owners Can Bridge the Gap Between AEC and Operations

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    The moment a new facility opens, the data needed to operate it is immediately out of date. The disconnect between building design, construction, and operations is real and it significantly impacts building owners. The ability to locate and service critical assets from day one is compromised, risking asset performance, service quality and operational efficiency that only gets worse as time goes on. Sophisticated integrations between Autodesk and modern IWMS platforms like Archibus are streamlining this process and closing the gap. Better knowledge transfer from design to operation ensures a smoother transition, better design, and more efficient operations that significantly reduces costs, delivers a higher-quality occupier experience, and more. Join us to learn how organizations are leveraging these systems to maximize operational performance and extract data from their physical environment to make more informed decisions that strengthen their future.

    Key Learnings

    • Ensure better collaboration and minimize loss of data at building handover
    • Increase asset lifecycle performance and operational efficiency
    • Optimize portfolio utilization and reduce overall real estate costs and energy consumption
    • Leverage BIM to get a full set of asset data into operations