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Turning The Key to Data Completion: How to Leverage Digital Deliverables

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    Owners may specify what they want in their deliverables including data assets but they may not always be aware of what that entails. In this session we will go over how to chart a course to provide useful digital and data deliverables to the Owner starting from the the project inception. This includes assets such as Federated BIM models, Cobie Data, Energy Analysis reports, Clash Reports and more. The method will be starting from the end and working backwards to the beginning and providing a definition of each deliverable, its relevance and the setting up a schedule for delivery. So if you want to Advocate for your team join this session!

    Key Learnings

    • Understand What kind of Data does the owner need based on contract deliverables and delivery methods
    • Understand different report types like Sustainable Criteria, Construction Data, Operations Data and more
    • Learn how BIM assets like Federated models, Cobie reports and clash detection can be used as deliverables
    • Plan the deliveries out with defined expectations and a schedule to help you achieve the results and deliver to the Owner