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Autodesk Certified Instructors (ACIs) are credentialed professionals, affiliated with Autodesk Learning Partners, and recognized for their product mastery, delivery, and instructional skills. Autodesk Authorized Training Centers, Autodesk Authorized Academic Partners, and Autodesk Membership Training Providers have the product knowledge needed to meet industry standards and lead courses in instructional settings. ACI badges are issued and validated by reputable organizations. Earn your customer’s trust when you present a certified badge validating your credentials.

To earn an Autodesk Certified Instructor certification, an instructor must be an Affiliated Instructor with a qualified Learning Partner.

ACI Program Tiers

Instructors are required to meet minimum program requirements to earn an ACI certification. View requirements to understand each level.

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Standard ACI

Must earn credential within three months of becoming an Autodesk Approved Instructor.

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Silver ACI

ACI Certification is maintained annually for three years.

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Gold ACI

ACI Certification is maintained annually for six years.

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Platinum ACI

ACI Certification is maintained annually for nine years.

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For additional information, please contact the Autodesk Learning Partner where you serve as an instructor.

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