Authorized Academic Partners

Nurture your curiosity and learn from a trusted source.

Authorized Academic Partners are part of the Autodesk Learning Partner community. Learning Partners prepare people who want to make things.

If you are an educator, Academic Partners can help you inspire and empower the next generation.

If you are a student, Academic Partners can bridge the gap between you and the industries in your future. They offer collaboration opportunities, focused conversation, support for certification exams, and a commitment to connect with you—the student learner—in your classroom. Learn new skills, build important relationships, and gain practical experience.

Authorized Academic Partners provide training services. They help educators and students prepare for certification exams–on campus at educational institutions or off-campus at training location. They maintain a professional staff of Autodesk Certified Instructors who provide various learning services:

  • Autodesk Software Product training and implementation
  • Certification exam preparation & exam delivery
  • Contests to support skill mastery with a design & make mindset
  • Course development and integration of new technology into academic curriculum
  • Design and engineering access for everyone—students and professionals alike
  • Job-readiness technical skill development
  • Autodesk on-campus events, planned with educators
  • Future of Making in the Classroom
  • Technical literacy courses in STEAM fields
  • Serve as an Adjunct Faculty instructor
  • Faculty or student instructional skills development
  • STEAM camp and course development

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