What’s New in Fusion 360: Event Simulation Analysis now available

Rahul Patil
by Rahul Patil 10 months ago 4 min read

Event Simulation Analysis, now available commercially with Fusion 360 Simulation!

We are excited to add Event Simulation Analysis to our list of supported study types in Fusion 360. Event Simulation Analysis in Fusion 360 is powered by the accurate and trusted Autodesk Explicit Solver and can be used to solve complex explicit dynamics and specific quasi-static problems.


Why perform an Event Simulation?


An Event Simulation study can be used to simulate time-dependent, dynamic events where the effects of velocity, acceleration, damping, and mass are essential. This is ideal for modeling problems that are transient in nature, involve large deformation, are contact dominated (Multi-body), involve impact, and/or have highly non-linear material behavior. Loads can be applied as a function of time, and results are output at actual instantaneous time points during the event, rather than at arbitrary increments in a static analysis.


Like Nonlinear Static Stress analyses, Event Simulation studies can account for material and geometric nonlinearities.


Event Simulation Examples

The following list contains a few examples for which an Event Simulation might be appropriate:

Key Event Simulation Features














Fusion 360 Answers the “What If”

All simulation attempts to answer the ultimate engineering question “What-if”.  Now with Event Simulation, Fusion 360 can help you get your next project done, right the first time, without that nagging “What if” question hanging over your head.  Even better, this study is solved using cloud computing freeing up your computer for other tasks and will only cost 15 Cloud Credits per solve. To familiarize yourself with Event Simulation tools and workflows, please refer to these Tutorials.  To learn more about Event Simulation, please refer to our help page.


Start simulating today and download Fusion 360 now.



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