Update 2.0.1149 available for MacOS 10.7.5 crash and MacOS graphics

Avatar bespenship May 23, 2014

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We have deployed updates to address two critical issues:

1) After installing last week’s Fusion release, some customers running Fusion 360 on MacOS X 10.7.5 were encountering a crash on launch.  The issue  has been resolved with update 2.0.1149, which you will receive the next time you launch Fusion.  This update addresses the following posts:





2) The visual issues on MacOS in the graphics area that make a design very difficult or impossible to work with visually.  Recent improvements to support rendering and materials place a higher load on the graphics subsystem, and customers are encountering the issue as a result.  The next time you launch Fusion, you will receive a small update that addresses this issue, which addresses problems reported in the following forum posts:





This update only fixes the graphics and crash on launch issues described above, and it is a Fusion point (economic) update, which has been enabled by recent changes in our product streamer (installer).  The change allows an update the download and update a portion of the complete install / streamer package.  The result is that the update should be significantly faster than a full download and installation.


As always, we would appreciate your feedback on both the fix and update process.

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