The New Possible Podcast: CAMplete Brought 5-Axis Machining Into the 21st Century

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki April 14, 2021

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Close your eyes and picture yourself in 1998, during Internet expansion, Geocities, AOL instant messenger, and the iconic Microsoft assistant, Clippy. You’re a student at the University of Waterloo, sitting at your desk having a meeting with your two friends and future business partners. You’re talking about 5-axis machining, a newer process that hasn’t been widely adopted yet, but you immediately see the potential compared to 3-axis machining. All of a sudden, an idea hits…

Fast forward to today, and you’re the co-founder of CAMplete Solutions, a 5-axis simulation company based in Cambridge, Ontario. Well, not you, of course, but our next guest, Paul Hoskins. 

As Paul and his team continued to learn more about 5-axis machining through their own experience and by hearing complaints from fellow machinists, they began to notice common workflow issues across the board. They realized that it was all too common for the communication between CAD/CAM tool and machine to break down, often leaving machinists in the dark midway through a project. 


The CAMplete team envisioned a software line that bridges this gap. CAMplete currently offers four tools: CAMplete Truepath, CAMplete Truepath Lite, CAMplete Turnmill, and Intelligent Protection system or IPS. But what sets CAMplete’s software apart is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for machines. Each tool is designed for the specific machines CAMplete users work with. For example, if you use Haas, there’s a version for you, and if you use a Matsuura, there’s also a version for you. It’s a purpose-built tool that empowers its users to succeed on their terms and to cover your back when maybe, just maybe, you miss a last-minute detail that could cost you everything.

Of course, starting a completely new business type is never as easy as simply having a great idea. Case in point, CAMplete is a technology-driven platform designed for an industry that historically is the antithesis of the current technology motto of “move fast and break things.” The image we picture when we think about Paul and his co-founders starting CAMplete are them knocking on small manufacturer’s doors, being met with only a few positive responses. In this episode, Paul gives us the full CAMplete story, from knocking on those doors to becoming a successful 5-axis simulation software company.

Listen to the full episode above via AppleAmazonSpotify, and Google. Stay tuned for the next episode of The New Possible podcast featuring One Click Metal, which will drop next month.

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