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  • What is Aerospace Engineering?

    Decidedly the least grounded profession in the field of engineering, aerospace engineers examine our relationship with the world above us. Since the field’s official 1958 emergence, engineers have helped humans travel — commercially, militarily, and exploratively. Aerospace industry advancements have improved how quickly, safely, and efficiently this has been made possible. They have also paved…

  • The Rise of Medical Wearables During COVID-19

    Over 20 percent of Americans wear smart devices. If this technology is harnessed correctly, it could help slow the spread of infection.

  • Exploring a Scan-to-CAD Workflow with peel 3d

    Learn how Jason Evers of Eversfab used peel 3d scanning technology and Fusion 360 to design a zero-waste Corvette roll cage.

  • The Role of Machine Learning in Industrial Automation

    Industrial automation and machine learning help remove productivity barriers by automatically handling tedious, time-consuming tasks.

  • Why is Interoperability Important in Design?

    Interoperability is crucial to collaborative processes. When tools and technology work together to interpret, use, and exchange data seamlessly, the resulting benefits are both long-lasting and far-reaching.

  • How Machine Learning Might Help Recover or Refine Parametric History

    The Autodesk Research team shares their initial research with machine learning in Fusion 360 using the Fusion 360 Gallery Dataset.

  • autonomous-car-lidar

    The Role of CAD and CAM in LiDAR

    CAD and CAM are indispensable tools in designing complex systems. Learn more about how manufacturers and the greater autonomous market harness these applications to develop safe, reliable LiDAR.

  • Additive Manufacturing’s Industrial Significance in Aerospace

    Learn about how aerospace companies are buying into additive manufacturing and what it means for the industry’s ongoing success.

  • Preparing for a 5G Future

    Widespread 5G deployment will soon come to pass. How will the mobile landscape change, and what benefits might businesses and consumers enjoy?

  • healthcare-ai-market

    The Powerful Pairing of Healthcare and AI

    A detailed look at how and why AI is being integrated into the healthcare industry.

  • unlocking-generative-design

    Unlocking Innovative Solutions with Generative Design

      No matter how you slice it, creating an optimized design takes ample planning and experimentation. It’s essential that products meet certain performance (and durability) requirements under specific operating conditions, and teams must also balance these goals with cosmetic standards. The design process has always been collaborative and iterative.   Generative design — the alternative…