QUICK TIP: Sketch Gems, Part 2

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

Follow the success of the last “Sketch Gems” QUICK TIP, I want to update you with some more I’ve found since then. This will be another 3 part-er, each showing things I’ve recently learned that were worth sharing.


The first is “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”, where I’ll show you something the GODFATHER of Fusion 360, Kevin Schnider, showed me recently. In it, I’ll show you some ways to diagnose and resolve stubborn sketches that don’t have a closed profile when they should…


Divide and Conquer


If you listen closely to the video, you might notice I accidentally call him the GRANDFATHER of Fusion 360, but if you don’t tell him, I won’t…


Next up is “X-RAY VISION”, where I show you an incredibly powerful way to temporarily visualize where you’re sketching. Although the example I use here might not be the best, the power of something like this is easy to see…


X-Ray Vision


I’m happy to report that since making the video I’ve already learned something new! To switch the slice orientation, all you need to do is adjust your view orientation and reapply the slice. Thanks to Scott for that!


Finally, “BUTTON SMASHER” rounds out the last gem. In this, I’ll highlight a sketch toggle you probably want to avoid in most situations, because it may very well cause you problems when you go to make the feature:


Button Smasher


Thanks for watching!




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