October 2021 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song Keqing Song October 18, 2021

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We fixed an important issue where if you created a FFF setup, and tried to edit any print setting, Fusion 360 crashed after you clicked on the OK button.



[New!] Mazak and PocketNC machines added to the Machine Library  

We’ve added Mazak machines (VCN-570, VCN-570C, VC-Ez 20, VC-Ez 26) to the Machine library, along with the Pocket NC V2-10. The Machine Library lets you manage your machine tools by using Machine Configurations to define your available machines and resources. These configurations can automate the settings in your Job Setup. There are many Machine Configurations available in the standard library

[New!] Haas Desktop Mill and Syil Milling Post Processors  

We created a new post processor for Haas Desktop Mill machine and for Syil machines

[Improved!] Milling Post Processors 

For Haas ECHaas with a-axisHaas TrunnionHaas inspect surface:

For Haas GM2-5AX gantryHaas VR-8Haas VR-9Haas VR-11Haas VR-14Haas UMC-750:

For Mazak: Removed G53.1 when programming at A0 C0, and added property for clamp codes. 
For HurcoHurco 3D: Added ‘Use G0’ property to the Hurco post processors. 
For Isel: Fixed potential issue with missing coordinate rotations. 
For Robot at Work: Added the program toolpath dimensions in the header 


[New!] Aconity3D machines added to the Machine Library 

You now have access to configurable files for a variety of Aconity3D machines in our standard machine library.

[New!] BCN3D Post Processors  

We added new BCN3D Post processors for exporting toolpath to the BCN3D range of printers in gcode format, using the IDEX mirror mode (Sigma D25, Epsilon W27 & W50). This includes BCN3D (mirror) and BCN3D (duplication).

[Improved!] Forced output in millimeters in most of the additive FFF post processors 

The following FFF post processors have been improved to now include the ability to force output in millimeters: 
Anet 3DAnycubicBigrepBresserFlashforgeFlashforge creator proGeeetechMakerbotUltimakerUltimaker 2Ultimaker 3Ultimaker S5Prusa 

Fixes and Known Issues

We’ve also fixed a number of outstanding issues reported by you and the Fusion 360 community. To see details around this, our extended list of fixes, check out this forum thread in our support forum.

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