June 2022 Product Update – What’s New

Keqing Song Keqing Song June 15, 2022

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See the latest fixes in V.2.0.13377



Some of you have experienced Fusion 360 freezing when you tried to either start a new document or quit the application. Well that’s embarrassing, sorry for the trouble. Now you should be able to start and quit Fusion 360 without any hiccups.  

We fixed a crash issue that happened to some of you when you tried to log into Fusion 360. 

We fixed another crash issue that came from those of you who attempted to open specific designs repeatedly.  

We fixed a bug that was causing Fusion 360 to crash when you tried to “Get all latest” for an assembly that contained externally linked references, as well as Simulation models.  

The “modal” effect behind the Extension Manager is unexpectedly different in macOS from Windows, but still unexpectedly maintains some qualities of the old modal effect. Now they look the same.  

We discovered that some text found in the tooltips and more info section for Boss command was not translated to other supported languages. Now when you’re running Fusion 360 in a different language and are using the Boss command, hovering over the options should show you tooltips in the appropriate language.  

Electronics Design

We fixed a few bugs that were affecting various icons in Electronics Design workflows. Apparently, the Flip and Move component commands weren’t using the new icon styles when you invoked them from the right-click menu in the 3D PCB workspace. The Package Generator command was also using an older icon in the Library workspace. The Manufacturing icons were incorrectly shown as being greyed out.  

Speaking of updating icons, the library icon in your data panel has been updated to be consistent with the icon shown in the toolbar.  

We also updated the Phase Probe icon so that it is easier to see the blue phase line. 

A few of you told us that Fusion 360 unexpectedly gave you an error message when you tried to generate an 1 pin male connector as a 3D Package using the Package Generator tool. Sorry about that, this is now fixed. You should now be able to generate it without issues.  


We noticed an issue during the creation of smart templates where the placeholder preview didn’t appear after a significant delay, which made the overall experience troublesome. And sometimes, it appeared but refused to follow your cursor. This is fixed.  

If you placed a part-list for a flat pattern design, added mass properties in the part-list, then proceeded to change the unit from the edit part list dialog or document setting dialog, the mass value was displayed incorrectly for the flat pattern. Now it updates as expected.  

We fixed a bug where it was the Canvas in Fusion 360 to lose focus, restricting operations in the Drawings workspace. 


Results are no longer erroneously shown in the document commands dropdown after a mesh preview has been executed but before the simulation has been actually solved. 


NC Program Dialog is now the default path to Post Processing

In the May product update what’s new blog post, we talked about how we are in the process of retiring the Legacy Tool Library, in favor of the new tool library. Due to the extremely low usage of the old library, pace of improvements, ability to address bugs and issues, and the development cost of maintaining two separate library experiences, we’ve decided to make the new tool library as the new default experience as of this product update. If you need to use the old tool library for whatever reason, you can still revert to it by going to the Preview Feature section of your preferences and toggle it back on. Be aware this option will only be available for a limited time and will be removed in the upcoming product update.  

We fixed an issue with certain turning profile finishing tool-paths with compensation set to “in control” where the compensation NC codes were being output incorrectly. 
If you type an invalid value like “5 m” into Surface Speed on the Cutting Data tab on the Edit page for a tool that has it, Fusion 360 incorrectly gave you this error: Parameter expression contains a circular reference: tool_surfaceSpeed → tool_spindleSpeed → tool_surfaceSpeed. Instead, it should have given you something like : Cannot convert from m to m/min. Now it does.  

Now when you paste a tool or holder using “Paste tools” or “Paste from spreadsheet” into a library, Fusion 360 will indicate that the paste action has been successful.  

Some of our Japanese users have reported that tooltips for Retraction Policy and other options in the Manufacture workspace didn’t appear when they hovered their cursors over the options. Now the tooltips appear as expected.  

Previously when you were making selections in the tool library on macOS, it was challenging to differentiate what was “active” vs. What was actually “selected”. Since both the states were shown as the same color, it was not clear what got copied if you did a ctrl+c. Now the ‘focus’ and ‘active’ states are better distinguished, with the selected state being a darker blue than the active state.  

We’ve added a ‘Remove unused tools’ option to the browser in the tool list to increase discoverability and improve the automated workflows. 

We fixed a macOS crash issue that was occurring when generating a toolpath after editing some parameters. 

Apparently if you opened a legacy design and dove into the print setting editor for SLA and SLM printing, the Maximum Edge Length parameter was incorrectly missing. Now it will show the correct value.  


Recently added Anycubic Photon and Prusa SL1SPEED print settings either do not work (added 12 days ago) or show the wrong type. Now they show the correct type.  

We fixed an issue where supports were incorrectly generated for the wrong mesh body if a face group of another mesh body was first selected as the target.  

We fixed a crash issue that was occurring when you tried to switch from Render workspace to the Design workspace and vice versa.  

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