How To Copy a Drawing in Fusion 360

John Helfen John Helfen May 25, 2023

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Ever wonder how to copy a drawing in Fusion 360? Learn how to use the Copy with Drawings feature to copy a design and its related drawings.

We’re excited to announce Copy with Drawings, an enhancement to the Copy Design workflow that lets you copy a design and its related drawings.


In the image above, you can see the Controls Plate is from a previous project and has a detailed drawing. You might need to create a new variation without the trackball opening in the center of the plate.

When you copy the Controls Plate design from the Data Panel, you can now include its related drawings.


When you copy a design that is referenced by a drawing, a list of related drawings displays. You can choose to Include Drawings or Skip Drawings.


After you select a location for the new copies, Fusion 360 sends a copy request to the cloud. You can return to your work while Fusion 360 is creating the copies.


After you click Copy, a notification displays in the Notification Center to tell you the copy job has started. Once the copy job is complete, a second notification displays.


The new design and its related drawings appear in the Data Panel.
Now you have an independent copy of the design as well as independent copies of its drawings. Any changes to the new design are only reflected in the new drawings.

Instead of recreating each drawing from scratch for the new design, you only need to remove disassociated dimensions or annotations from the new drawings.


Important considerations

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when using the Copy with Drawings feature:

Now you know how to copy a drawing in Fusion 360! Ready to put what you learned to the test?

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