FusionNews for the week of 7/1: A weekly roundup of community news

by ShannonMcGarry 5 years ago 2 min read

FusionNews highlights the key things that happened over the past week in the Fusion 360 Community. New posts every Friday.



From the Fusion 360 Team

Quick Tip: Share Files Internally

In this week’s Quick Tip, learn how to share Fusion 360 files with external stakeholders.


IdeaStation Update – June 2016

Learn how your idea goes from a post in the IdeaStation to a new feature within Fusion 360.


Fusion 360 App Store

Have you checked out the app store? It’s your portal to community and professional built add-ins.


Center of Mass Script

This Fusion 360 script allows you to create a construction point where the center of mass is for the top level component. This is especially useful for balancing applications.




Online: Fusion 360 Basics

Are you new to Fusion 360 and/or 3D design? Join us on July 12th at 4 PM EDT to get an introduction to the basics. Register here.


Online: Assembly Deep Dive in Fusion 360

Join us on July 13th at 1 PM EDT to take an in-depth look at joints, constraints, as-built joints and more! Register here.


Online: Rendering Deep Dive in Fusion 360

Take a look at appearances, environments, texture setting, rendering options and more on July 14th at 1 PM EDT. Register here.


Online: 3D Printing with Fusion 360 and Printrbot

3D printing fans! Join us on July 15th at 1:30 PM EDT to learn how to model a part in Fusion 360 and print it on a Printrbot. Register here.


Gallery Spotlights


Biomimicry Android Bust by Matthew Bowman

Veloce – XF_07 by Viraj Chauhan

Fractional HP Motor by Mark Rogers


IdeaStation-300x261 copy

Your Ideas from the Fusion 360 IdeaStation

We take your suggestions very seriously as they help to shape Fusion 360, so please share your ideas and vote for new features / enhancements you would like to see. Here are a few from this week.


Don’t Allow Duplicate Filenames in the Same Folder

Fusion 360 allows you to save multiple designs into the same project/folder with the same name. I’d argue that it should prompt you when attempting to save with a duplicate name – same as 99% of other software that we use.


Make Patch Use Segments of a Spline Not Complete Splines

In a curve network the tool should be able to understand were lines intersect and thus provide the segments for patch edge input.


Fillet All Edges of a Body

There should be a tool where you click a body or even component and it fillets all the edges.


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!


Have a story to share? We would love to hear more about you and how you’re using Fusion 360! Shoot me an email at Shannon.McGarry@autodesk.com


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