FusionNews for the week of 2/10: A weekly roundup of community news

by ShannonMcGarry 4 years ago 2 min read

FusionNews highlights the key things that happened over the past week in the Fusion 360 Community. New posts every Friday.



From the Fusion 360 Team

Quick Tip: Display & Preference Optimization

Have you ever wondered what settings we use to make the content you see here and other places? Watch this to see how we optimize Fusion 360’s appearance.


For Everyone that Wants a Wrap Function in Fusion 360

Take a look at what Expert Elite, Phil Procario has created by thinking out of the box and using the new sheet metal tools in Fusion 360!


An hour with Wacom’s Mobile Studio Pro

I have to say we’ve stumbled upon something really cool! Wacom’s new Mobile Studio Pro, Autodesk Remake and Fusion 360.


#fusionCAMchallenge Winner of 2017 on Instagram!

Heard about the #fusioncamchallenge on Instagram? See who won, and check out the recap of all the submissions!




Online: 2D CAM Deep Dive

Join us on 2/13 at 12 PM EST to explore the 2D CAM workspace in Fusion 360. Register here.


Online: Simulation Deep Dive

Take an in-depth look at the Simulation functionality in Fusion 360 on 2/14 at 1 PM EST. Register here.


Online: Quick Start Virtual Lab

Become a Fusion 360 pro in this 4 hour online interactive session on 1/16 at 1 PM EST. Register here.


Online: Sculpting Deep Dive

Get an in-depth look into Sculpt environment, Tsplines and more on 1/17 at 1 PM EST: Register here.


Gallery Spotlights


Guitar Tuners by Jeremy Carter

Football Helmet by John Gavin

Grand Piano by Varun Raj


IdeaStation-300x261 copy

Your Ideas from the Fusion 360 IdeaStation

We take your suggestions very seriously as they help to shape Fusion 360, so please share your ideas and vote for new features / enhancements you would like to see. Here are a few popular submissions from this week:


Jogged Lines on Exploded Views

What would be very helpful is to allow us to have jogged lines in trail visibility when creating an exploded view.


Drawing Workspace – Import Sketch Dimension Data from Model Workspace

Can we please have a tick box which will allow sketch dimensions in the Model Workspace to populate in the Drawing workspace.


Slitting Saw Arbors for CAM Tool Library

Fusion 360 needs the capacity to add non-cutting arbor features below the teeth of a slitting saw.


Have a story to share? We would love to hear more about you and how you’re using Fusion 360! Shoot me an email at Shannon.McGarry@autodesk.com

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