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ShannonMcGarry May 29, 2015 2 min read

From the Fusion Team


TIP – Faux Sheet Metal Part Deux

Here are some tips, tricks and workarounds when working with faux sheet metal in Fusion 360.


TIP – How to Design Grip Inserts

Here’s a great step-by-step video by Keqing, walking you through how to design the grip inserts of a utility knife.


ANNOUNCMENT – Future Makers: Special Call Out for Designers

We have recently partnered with Dezeen on a new project called “Future Makers”. Are you based in Europe and an upcoming designer who has an interesting story to tell? If so, we want to hear from you!




GALLERY SPOTLIGHT – Model of the Month – May

Congratulations to Carlo Quinonez for his unique thermal chamber design using Fusion 360!


CUSTOMER STORY- Wearality Creates Virtual Headset Using Fusion 360 for Full Product Design

Congratulations to Wearality. The Autodesk Inventing the Future recipient for May!






ONINE EVENT – 3D Printing with Fusion 360

Join us on June 2nd at 1 pm PDT learn how to quickly created models with Fusion 360 for dual color 3D printing.



Join us on June 16th at 1 pm PDT to learn how to use 3-axis CAM and turn it into a beautifully finished machined part.


Gallery Spotlight

We love to see what you are designing with Fusion 360! Share your designs with the Fusion community on the Gallery.


  CraneHook.jpg          Binoculars.jpg          GunBlade.jpg

Crane Hook by Frans Maniago                   Binoculars by Sagar B M                         Gun Blade by Crabbiestrogue


News from around the manufacturing innovation space


Google launches Internet of Things platform Project Brillo

The Brillo was announced at Google’s annual developers conference this week. Brillo will work with Nest to allow devices such as lights to be controlled in one spot.


3 Medical-Device Industry Trends Changing Design and Manufacturing

Get the inside scoop on 3 trends that are underway in the medical device industry.


GoPro turns focus to drones, virtual reality

GoPro is creating a quadcopter and camera that will have the ability to capture 360-degree virtual reality.


Meet The Designer Who Won’t Let Humans Touch Her Clothes

Check out how Natalie Allen is using robots to design her clothes.


3D Printing Gives This Chinese Woman a ‘Perfect Chin’

China is a leader when it comes to using additive manufacturing to help in surgeries.




Your Ideas from the Fusion IdeaStation

We take your suggestions very seriously as they help to shape Fusion 360, so please share your ideas and vote for new 

features / enhancements you would like to see.


Here are a few from this week. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!


Align and Snap Dimensions in Sketch

Request to have the ability to snap dimension lines to the grid or align them with another dimension next to it.


Hold shift to constrain horizontal/vertical dragging of sketch element

Request to be able to hold the Shift key while dragging a sketch in order to constrain the dragging motion.


Add the ability to turn on/off dimensions in a sketch

Request to be able to turn off all or specific dimensions on a sketch.


Tell us about yourself

Have a story to share? We would love to hear more about you and how you’re using Fusion 360! Shoot me an email at shannon.mcgarry@autodesk.com


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