Fusion Adoption & Secret Handshakes

Rob Cohee February 23, 2017 2 min read

Last year we announced the formation of the Autodesk Fusion 360 Street Team. Our objective was to help people learn Fusion 360 by connecting Autodesk product experts to those seeking the secret handshake to join the Fusion user community. And wouldn’t you know it…we learned a thing or two along the way.


One of the most critical things we learned is that you subscribed to Fusion 360 to do something with it. Something specific like create conceptual models, mechanical assemblies, or generate tool paths, right? So if you subscribed to Fusion 360 to generate tool paths, your interest in learning T-Splines may be pretty far down your list of things that matter to you in your first 30-90 days of using the product. Well…we heard you loud and clear. Today I’d like to preview some of the new content that the Fusion Adoption team has put together and ask for your feedback. Just like the product itself, we’re always looking to find ways to improve, so fire away in the comments section.




Now, what’s cool here is that each path is focused on the things we know you need to learn in order to be successful. Instead of front loading you with a ton of concepts, and asking you to remember them when the time comes to apply it. The content is also centered around the same project. This comes in handy is when you need to train multiple people in your organization with different skill sets. Eventually you’ll have to collaborate together on the same design, so you might as well learn those best practices straight away.


Let’s give this a go shall we? We’re using a tool called Wistia to serve up these videos – potentially / probably a detail you care little about. However, it enables us to do a few things including bookmark the key features showcased in each tutorial. It also serves up a link to the next video in the series once it’s complete. Yes, I geek out about these things.


Without further delay… Here’s the series on Conceptual Modeling:



Here’s the series on Mechanical Assemblies:



And the series on Tool Libraries and Toolpaths:



Again, we’d love your feedback and suggestions for additional content. We’re working on one for Simulation & Fusion Team Administration right now and will post that very soon.




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